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Avoid Credit Card Debt during the Holidays
Are you in charge of your debt? If the answer is no, then check out these ten rules to help you manage your credit card debt. Holiday shopping got you feeling a little ho, ho, harried? Perhaps even a bit ho, ho, headachy? Click here to find out how you can survive the season without suffering a fiscal holiday hangover.

Put These Dates on Your Financial Calendar
If you plan to get your finances in shape for the new year, start planning now! Here’s a list of important planning and execution tasks that should be on your financial calendar for the year.

Savvy Holiday Season Shopping
Are you feeling a little put off at the prospect of doing the mall crawl or spending hours shopping online? Consider these proactive steps to make the most of your time and money this holiday season.

Appreciating Depreciation
man and woman shopping for car

When considering the costs associated with purchasing a new—vehicle insurance, maintenance, loan interest—don't forget to factor in depreciation.  Here are some things to consider.